Red Squirrel Oil Painting
Red Squirrel Oil Painting
Self portrait in Oil
Self portrait in Oil
Fox in Pastels
Fox in Pastels
Pastel collie dog looking under a door
Pastel collie dog looking under a door
Contempt portrait of a young woman in oils
Contempt portrait of a young woman in oils
Tabby cat pet portrait
Tabby cat pet portrait
oil painting of a man in a white shirt
oil painting of a man in a white shirt
Terrier pet portrait
Terrier pet portrait
Portrait in charcoal
Portrait in charcoal
Just Me
Contemporary Portrait
Oil Portrait
Pet Portrait
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A fun introduction!

🎨 Discover Your Inner Artist with Su! 🌟

Hello and welcome! I’m Su, a lifelong artist with a passion for painting and teaching others to unleash their creativity.

Originally from Manchester, my artistic journey has taken me across the UK, the USA (Connecticut), and now to the beautiful Maine et Loire in France.

I’ve had the joy of exhibiting my work wherever I go and drawing inspiration from the incredible artists I meet along the way.

In 2023, I was honoured to receive the Highly Commended award from The Artist magazine and to be named Runner-up International Artist of the Year for my self-portrait.

Why Join SMArt Art Academy?

Whether you’re a self-taught artist or just starting out, my mission is to help you find your unique style and grow your skills.

With a background in both art and the corporate world as a qualified accountant, I understand the powerful role art plays in enhancing wellbeing and reducing stress.

What We Offer

  • Foundation Art Course: Designed for self-taught artists who want to learn the basics and beyond.
  • Art Membership: Join a vibrant community for exclusive tutorials, tips, and support.
  • Free Workshops: Get a taste of what you can learn with our free sessions, like our upcoming workshop on sketching people.

Join Us!

Embark on your artistic journey today. Explore, learn, and create with SMArt Art Academy.

Let’s unlock your full creative potential together!


Current Exhibitions and News:

2024 Exhibitions –

1st September – 30th September 2024, Cafe D’oree, 72800 Le Lude, France

1st October – 24th December 2024, La Sève du Cadre, 72200 La Fleche, France

Accolades – 

2022 to present – Associate Artist for Unison Pastels

Runner Up – SAA International Artist of the Year 2023

Highly Commended – The Artist Patchings 2023 Open Art Competition – Self Portrait.

Featured in SAA Paint magazine – Front Cover Artist May 2023

Shortlisted – SAA Artist of the year 2022.

Previous Exhibitions include:

19th – 22nd October 2023, SAA Artist of the Year Exhibition, Espacio Gallery, London, UK



Unison Pastels

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