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Discover Your Creative Identity with Expert Guidance.

Are you struggling to find your own artistic style?

Do you feel like you’re lost in a sea of techniques and tutorials, unable to express your true creative voice?

Fear not!

We will provide actionable strategies to help you overcome procrastination and establish a consistent art practice.

In this free guide, we’ll explore ten proven methods to ignite your creativity and keep your artistic journey on track. 

Doors to the SMArt Art Academy open 1st September – for 2 weeks ONLY!

Why not head over to the Foundations Course to brush up on all those basic techniques while you wait!

Join the wait list and receive your free guide to unlock your creativity.

By joining SMArt Art Academy, you’ll:

  • Explore a variety of mediums and techniques tailored to your preferences, guided by an award-winning artist with over 18 years of experience.
  • Cultivate a consistent art practice that nurtures your creativity and allows your individual style to flourish.
  • Gain confidence in your artistic abilities as you uncover the distinctive elements that set your work apart.
  • Experience the joy of expressing yourself authentically through your art, knowing that you’ve unlocked your true creative potential.

Don’t let uncertainty hold you back any longer.

Doors to the SMArt Art Academy open 1st September – for 2 weeks ONLY!

Take the first step towards artistic liberation by signing up for our wait list today and receive your free guide to unlocking your creativity.

Your creative journey awaits!

Here’s what our creative tribe are saying:

Workshop results

“I had a lovely afternoon learning how to paint a robin with soft pastels. Tuition from Su was really good and at the right pace for all in the group” – Wendy, UK

“Attended a Zoom puffin painting workshop. Was really fun. Su is a great tutor and really helps” – Malc, UK

“Had a lovely afternoon creating a lovely robin. Su gave excellent instruction and made the experience fun and rewarding. Thank you, Su.” – Jacqueline, UK

“Having never used pastels as a medium, and being in no way an artist,  I am blown away with the resulting artwork… Thank you Su for bringing some mindfullness and colour to a dark few months and giving me a new passion to enjoy x” – Nicole, Uk

I love it when people rekindle their artistic passions!

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