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Su’s journey blends creativity with business acumen, starting with her passion for English and Dramatic Arts and evolving into a successful career in accountancy.

Her experience with top firms like BDO Binder Hamlyn gave her unique insights into the intersection of business and the arts, which she now channels into her true passion: teaching art.

Why Join the Foundation Art Course?

Su has designed the Foundations Course specifically for self-taught artists who feel they missed out on formal art education.

This course covers the essential principles of art, empowering you to develop your own unique style with confidence.

From Circle to Sphere – a shading demo

Discover Your Artistic Potential with SMArt Art Academy

As the founder of SMArt Art Academy, Su combines her deep understanding of art and wellness to create an enriching learning experience.

Su believes that art is not only a creative outlet but also a powerful tool for stress relief and personal growth.

Achievements and Contributions

  • Runner Up, SAA International Artist of the Year 2023
  • Highly Commended, The Artist Patchings 2023 Open Art Competition
  • Featured Cover Artist, SAA Paint Magazine May 2023
  • Associate Artist, Unison Pastels

Su’s expertise is regularly showcased through articles and seminars for the SAA, the AAA and she exhibits her work internationally.

Su’s accolades and continuous contributions to the art community underscore her dedication and skill.

Join the Art Membership

Become part of a vibrant community of artists. The membership offers exclusive content, tutorials, and the support you need to thrive in your artistic journey.

Whether you’re looking to refine your skills or find inspiration, Su’s membership provides valuable resources and a supportive network.


Ready to Transform Your Art Journey?

Enrol in the Foundation Art Course and join our membership to unlock your full artistic potential with SMArt Art Academy.

Let Su’s unique blend of creativity, business savvy, and passion for teaching guide you towards artistic fulfilment.

Start Your Art Habit Today with a Free Guide to Unlock your Creativity!

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