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Learning To Be Kind To Your Mind

This week is mental health awareness week and this year the focus is on Kindness. It has inspired me to write this blog and talk about being kind to your mind.

Being kind to your mind can be part of your psychological safety at work and something to focus on as part of your overall wellbeing programs.

According to KPMG for every £1 you invest in the wellbeing of your employees you get £9 in return.

Your mind is so focused on protecting you that it will come up with all sorts of ‘worst case’ scenarios to keep you safe, unfortunately this can cause anxiety and stress if left unmanaged.

“Some of the worst things in my life never happened”.

Mark twain

There are a variety of ways to be kind to your mind my top 5 are:

Breathe – taking long calming breathes moves your mind from ‘fight or flight’ to a calm non threatened state.

Sleep – the value of sleep is incredible, make a point of prioritising at least 8 hours and you’ll notice a difference!

Learn – learning a new skill such as art, a new language or music keeps your mind active and stimulates your mind towards positive thoughts.

Move – even if it’s a gentle stretch in the morning or a walk in the evening moving creates ceratonims which is your feel good chemical.

Smile – just the act of smiling will lift your mood, smile at someone else and you will lift their mood too, a smile is more contagious than covid-19!

Did you know that people who are kind live longer?

You do now!


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